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Numerous free tools are available online which are not authenticated and can not provide a 100% Error-free report.

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Even after investing a huge amount of paid audit tools, Some SEO aspects are not covered under SEO audit Report

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Perfect Mixture of technical expertise using free & paid tools Offers the Best SEO Audit Report covering errors & bugs.

SEO Audit Services

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Website SEO Audit Report

SEO Audits are just like regular inspections, it is a standard procedure that every company follows. It is a process by which the SEO professionals deeply look into every minor factor and identifies various issues and where SEOs are lacking. This process also enables an expert to identify the issues. Some of the major issues that experts find in such audits include technical issues, On-page & Off-Page bugs, Poor User experience, page Loading issues, high Bounce rate, Content quality, URL structure, Coding, Google Penalty Identifications, Duplicate content or images, Competitors insights, irrelevant Keywords integration, etc. 

With each of these audits, the experts identify where they are lacking and accordingly they rectify. Once all the issues are rectified with the best solution, nothing can beat you to hold the high rank. Way As these audits are 100% transparent, professionals must get it done. So, SEO audits are nothing just like regular health check-ups. And such check-up is essential to be active enough to beat the market and remain in the high-competitive race. If you are worried about your SEO audits, don’t bother yourself, we at SEO Tech Experts are here to provide you best SEO audit service and make your website flawless. 

Get A Comprehensive Audit Report For Your Website

We cover more than 250 audit pointers for your website

Aspects Covered under our Professional Website Audits

Competitor Research Audit

It enables the competitors to find how well the other brand is working and where you lack. It helps you to find the right way of marketing.

Architecture Audit

Architecture enables the professional to find the appropriate look and feel, and discover how better it could be for the website and its business.

Technical Website Audit

While doing the technical audit of the website, we make sure to check the sitemap, robots.txt, and, crawl performance of the website.

On-Page Optimization Audit

On-Page audit is mainly comprised of URL structure, titles, headers, Meta tags, and lots more. Such an audit enables the brand to have a robust website over the internet.

Content Quality Audit

We audit content quality to check whether its quality is up to the mark or not. And accordingly, provide advice on how to make it better.

User Experience Audit

User experience audit is a must to check its performance and difficulties that the user faces. Once it is clear, we rectify it.

Image and Video Optimization Audit

The better the images and videos will be, the better the results will be. Thus, an audit is important to identify what and where is lacking.

Off-Page Optimization Audit

Off-Page optimization is important as it saves the company from any kind of Google penalty and identifies the flaws as well.

  1. Competitor Research Audit:  Well, it is detailed research and analysis that makes professionals find how competitive companies are working and how they are scoring well in terms of ranking. The professionals check every minor factor of the SEO strategy. The detailed audit brings it in the notice that how well they are doing it. The professionals not only find the minute details, but they even make sure to implement it on their on-going projects or the client’s project. In this way, paying attention to the competitor’s website is worthy. The audit results enable the professionals to find how the other professionals and strategists are working and how perfectly they can bring results. 

  2. Architecture Audit: Every website has its own identity just because of its look, feel, user’s experience, and most important its architecture. No matter how many strategies you plan, until and unless you don’t have a good architecture of the website, you won’t have potential benefit. And an architecture audit is something that enables experts to go through in-depth analysis and find the basics of website coding, navigation, layout, internal linking, content and its gaps, compact menu, etc. Once the professional find out the status of these parameters, he/she gets a clear idea about how the website is performing and what he/she should learn from it. Such audits fetch the actual potential of the audit and enable experts to make the right call. 

  3. Technical Website Audit: A technical website audit is something that discovers how strong or weak a website is and how it is performing. A technical website audit comprises of a long list and some of the important factors are to see if the site is mobile-friendly, find loading time and speed, delete zombie pages, fix indexing problems, improve On-Page SEO, Fix broken links, optimize featured snippets, optimize UX signals, flatten website structure, etc. Other than these problems, professionals just try to rectify all these issues and make sure when it is an eCommerce platform then it must have the right schema and markup. 

  4. On-Page Optimization Audit: When it comes to On-Page optimization audit, the experts look into its content, website, and search engine to bring good ranking. The experts go through into deep analysis and find what’s wrong is there on On-Page optimization. Such audit comprises of traffic generating keywords, additional keywords, missing tags and meta descriptions, easy navigation, internal and inbound linking. Once each of these things is observed very well, and then professionals rectify them and make sure to make it even better by improving the grey areas. They also make sure to optimize the clean URL, which reflects the content on the website and images that are tagged. 

  5. Content Quality Audit: Online website exists with two important factors first is optimized images and quality contents. And everyone knows “Content” is the king. Thus, it is always important to audit the contents. One has to check it should be informative, interesting, relevant, original, and serves its motive, after all, quality of content will leave a lasting impression on readers and users. And if it is perfect, certainly the web page will get the highest ranking. When its audit goes on, professionals must compare the content with competitors and identify the score of both quality and quantity. This certainly helps content professionals to find lacking points and get rid of the problems. And the most important factor is to always get away from duplicate contents. 

  6. Site Speed Audit: Speed audit of a website is indeed important as its direct impact comes over the website ranking and user experience. If a website loads timely and the user is happy with its prompt response, definitely it meets the user’s expectation. And in case a website is taking time in getting loaded, then certainly there is some issue. The usual time for any website to get load is 3 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds, however if it makes any further delay then, the audit must be required because something wrong is there which is lowering down its speed. On the other hand, the loading time for both mobile and desktop varies from each other due to its different bandwidths. Now, once the speed is cross-checked and it is fine. It certainly enables the website to get clicked many times and bring higher traffic to the website and certainly increases ranking over the internet. 

  7. User Experience Audit: A website is designed and launched for its end-user, thus it is important to check whether it offers a brilliant user experience or not. And it can be checked via its audit. While having the user experience audit, professionals can even find the bounce rate and the average time spent on a particular page by the end-user. The lesser the bounce rate, the better the ranking of the website will be. Thus, experts need to work on high-quality work, optimization to reduce the chance of bounce rate. The better the ranking of the website, definitely it will bring more leads and chances of conversions. So, professionals can expect good business. Now, it is only possible when experts not only audit the user experience, but they even fix it. And if the website offers a perfect user experience to potential customers, certainly the purpose of the website gets to fulfill.   

  8. Image and Video Optimization Audit: To make the website up to the mark as per the latest trends, we professionals ensure to put high-quality images and videos over the website, for better user experience. But, we hardly think about its impact over the website. Does it suit our brand? And is it making sense for our users? But, without even finding answers to such questions, we just launch it over the website. And gradually it affects the brand and its performance. Hence, it becomes essential for experts to make an audit of images and videos to find out their impacts. Are they performing well or not? The audit results enable experts to calculate the image size and also give suggestions and recommendations for both image and video optimization. The search engine crawlers discover content, images, and videos that should be marked and given as proper alt tags. 

  9. Off-Page Optimization Audit: Off-Page audit is again an important aspect to run a website perfectly. When the crawler visits the website, it checks all backlinks which are present in the backend. It also checks the unnatural links which are present on the website and ruining the performance. The Off-Page audit enables professionals to discover all factors including backlinks, website ranking, and backlinking domains. So, it is a must for all experts to find how they can improve on the suggestions offered by the audit report. Implementing and improving the factors will certainly give more benefits to the end-users and the owners of the website. It certainly brings great profit to businessmen. 

To be up to the mark as per the latest trends, an audit is indeed an essential procedure for SEO professionals to follow and find how they can improve and make it a big success in the industry. If you are looking for such a service, don’t bother yourself visit and avail the service. Our professionals are highly educated and dedicated to providing such effective service at reasonable prices. We assure you will get a great difference in your website’s performance after availing of the audit service. So, don’t make any misconceptions about it. Call us now and avail the best service at a reasonable price. Other than availing the benefit, you can also get to know how better you can perform in this high-competitive world by following just a few simple and technical methods. So, consult us now for better business opportunities. 

SEO Audit Process


Analysing the whole website, its strength & weaknesses, SEO implementation did so far and Bugs mentioned above.


Identify the On-Page & Off-Page errors, affecting the Search engine rankings & website performance. 


Proper Easy to read & Understand Report is prepared to mention SEO Score, Backlink Report & Competitors Analysis.

Once all the process is done, errors are resolved which is subject to extra efforts, cost & time. 

Do call us at 9871280005 to avail Professional SEO Audit Services to bring your website on the First page with relevant Keywords. 

How do Our SEO Audit Services work?

Do you know, SEO Audit has more than 240 parameters or technical checklists based on what website performs. As an SEO Audit Company in India & based in Gurgaon, SEO Tech Experts offers comprehensive yet customized solutions, depending upon the clients’ Budget, Industry, products or services, & other variables. If we talk about the SEO Audit services, It includes the various parameters on which we work:-

The SEO Audit Points are not limited to the above only, a detailed analysis is done to find the possible errors, which may take a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 2 months. We not only analyze the website but fix the errors & maximize the online viability. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We firstly look into the client’s project and go through the entire website architecture and code. This review is being done on both aspects of on-page and off-page SEO. Once our professionals get done with the review process, then our expert chooses to use an effective audit tool and wait to get its report. Based on the report, our professionals start working on lacking parts and assure clients to provide the best results.
Our basic SEO audit service comprises a simple link profile auditing in which we assure you to provide you an outline of the trustworthiness and quality of the link profiles. And, if you are looking for a detailed link auditing which comprises of the option of disallowing bad links, comes into a monthly retainer service. If you are interested in such a service, please make a call for further discussion.
When it comes to the final SEO audit report then a technical review of the entire website is mandatory and it comprises of architecture, code, on page statistics, an overview of off-page analysis, link building, etc. This report is also considered a strategic recommendation document that will be given to professionals to check what to do next. Somehow this final report is the only document that gives an idea about how to proceed further and have a better search engine ranking.
Whosoever is proceeding with an SEO audit should have the basic access of Google Analytics and Google search console to begin the analysis. So, provide the right access details for further proceedings.
It is indeed necessary to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit which comprises of website architecture, code, internal and external linking, content quality, search engine crawling and indexing, etc. The audit of each of these parameters will help the professionals to rectify the issues and plan the strategies to boost the search engine ranking.
The SEO audit is quite vast and lengthy and it covers a lot of factors including URL structure, the loading time of web page, robot.txt, sitemap, web page code, etc. Other than these pages, there are some canonicals and redirect pages that are also being analyzed by the professionals. The experts also check whether the images are optimized and the design is user-friendly or not. With each of this SEO audit, the experts make sure that the website performs well and rank good in next google crawling.
Well, the actual time is not fixed. It depends upon the size and extensiveness of the website. But, an approx. time professionals take in SEO audit is between 40-60 working days. Once the audit complete, then only the final report can be presented, so experts take at least 10 more days to analyze and submit the report.
Yes, in our industry there are various free online SEO audit tools are available, but they hardly give the right report or answers to the issues. As those tools just perform based on few fed factors, therefore its results are not up to the mark and the recommendations are also very common. However, when professionals make an audit, they work on all important factors that don’t matter the count goes 100 or 200 factors. The professionals do it and note down it manually. The best part of professional auditing is pure resolving recommendations.
Once the entire audit gets done complete, the experts make the final report of the website and submit it to the client along with recommendations. In case, the client finds those issues and recommendations perfect, then we share the estimated cost of the entire project and take the permission to proceed further. And we are also open to discussing it overcall.
  • Contact us Via call, WhatsApp, Email or online Query along with your contact details & website URLs
  • Make a 50% advance Payment and Get the Complete Audit Report within a week with a complete analysis.
  • Our technical Team offers results-oriented SEO services to bring the Website on Rank.
Several factors are responsible for affecting search engine rankings such as.HT Access, Website Loading Speed time, server response time, Robots.txt, Sitemaps, headers, 404 error pages & other server configuration factors. Each factor works differently so need to be analyzed carefully. Our Team of Website developers & SEO professionals execute the tasks effectively.
Investing in website designing and development is of no use if there is no relevant 7 good amount of traffic. Get the Website Audit done and know the On-Page errors related to meta tags, Alt tags, Content quality, URL Structure, Interlinking, etc. our 70% results rely on On-page activities so get them resolved today only through proper On-Page SEO Audit.
Although On-Page matters a lot, yet Irrelevant Off-page can lead to hampering 80% of website SEO performance. Backlinks are the major affecting factors so SEO Audit will analyze the number of links, quality of the backlinks, sources of links, anchor text used, etc. SEO Tech Experts focuses on building a Good reputation and Improving the Online presence with resolving Link building & off-page issues.
Premium SEO Audit packages will scan the website from scratch and resolve the errors which are creating hurdles to bring the website on rank. Professional SEO audit not only relies on the tool but also involve personal expertise & experienced analysis to know various On-Page & off-page technical errors. The motive of SEO Audit services is to rank the website with relevant keywords after resolving the website error. A Complete health Check-up helps our body to stay disease-free, likewise, website health check-up Makes it error-free.

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